My favorite spots


Except Paris, the cities I love are :
     • San Francisco absolutely charming. It's great to walk through its streets, its parks, ...
     • London for its atmosphere ( Soho, Covent Garden, ... )
     • Praha and its so many churchs.
     • Roma for its history.


Except France, I love :
     • The whole West of USA.
     • Morocco : georgeous off-road landscapes.
     • Greece : archeology, orthodox churches, food.
     • asian Turkey : archeology, gorgeous landscapes, red lentil soup.
     • Scotland and its wilderness.
     • Hawaii (Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Big Island).
     • Corsica for landscapes and food.
     • Archipelago Les Saintes (South of Guadeloupe) for its authenticity.

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