Why has this continent been left into this notorious misery ?
When 'll the various international Helps be really send to those who need it?
When shall we give up to send money to countries whose leaders 'll provide their Swiss banking accounts?

I kill myself laughing hearing about a president elected with 99.7% votes : democracy ?

There is a proverb which says :
“ Give me a fish and I'll eat to-day. Teach me how to fish and I'll eat all my life. ”

As for AIDS in a pendemic state, it's really an unprecedented human disaster and it sounds like no political action has been taken to provide free drugs.

Something amazing in Maghreb : waste in the streets and on the roadsides.
Something funny in Tunisia : every village has gotten its “ Boulevard de l'Environnement ” with wide paved sidewalks and ... kids walking in the middle of the street to go to school.
In this country, people are very hearty and more welcoming than in Morrocco for instance.
Indeed in Morocco, wherever you are, you cannot step forward without being disturbed or being approached by a guide (?) who inevitably leads you to a carpet retailer.
I must say that the behaviour of arrogant tourists takes a great part thereby.

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