Great product based on organic silicon, Filipendula ulmaria, and leaf of blackcurrant :
Artrosilium Gel.

A massage oil harpagophytum (devil's claw) : 2 -3 daily topical applications during 10 days
The Devil 's claw root is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
It's therefore suitable also for rheumatism, tendonitis, sciatica, sprains, ...
Much more effective than taking capsules or ointments.
Its composition :
     organic sunflower oil plant.
     vegetable oil organic safflower.
     vegetable oil organic sesame.
     vegetable oil organic sweet almond.
     organic essential oil of orange sweet.
     peppermint essential oil.
     eucalyptus essential oil.
     Devils Claw root biological.
     tocopherol (= vitamin E).
Don't keep root out of oil. Just add the sweet almond oil and marinate for 3 days.
For more info, see HERE.

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