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8 days stay in June 2016 at Fuerteventura


I found out this stay thanks to Look Voyages, which sold a Thalasso n°1 stay in hotel Drago Park Hotel 4* all inclusive : 299€ euros/ p.
Flight tickets, included, concern Lyon-Puerto del Rosario in Fuerteventura, by Travel service, a czech company.
But I had to pay 489€ (single).

It's London time.

Puerto del Rosario airport is nice and very clean.
At departure, the B737-800 aircraft, went round 30 minutes above the airport because it opened at 7h30a.m.
Hellish trip when returning. Taking bus at 5h55 a.m., then 1h 10 later (cause of accident on the single main road), take off at 8h45 a.m. to Brest !!! Take off from Brest at 2h15 p.m. to Lyon. Arrival 3h45 p.m. Finally in Grenoble at 6 p.m.
So it took about 12 hours to get back home.

The hotel

drago park hotel santa calma fuerteventura

It stands in Santa Calma, on South East coast.
This hotel is very clean and the crew is very warm. Don't mention the negative comments you could read here and there. I was very satisfied of it, and I recommend a stay in this hotel.
Don't miss to watch a video I have made.

Island tour

Using Internet I rented a Seat Ibiza 3p by Cicar that I recommend.
140€ euros - 6 days (all included).
The car has gotten a special design due to Cesar Manrique.

cicar santa calma fuerteventura

I went all over the island. The road network is excellent.
In South, there are some rugged dirt tracks, but you can drive with a car, so don't rent a 4x4, except if you need to get on sand roads.
Just maintain your speed between 40 - 50 km/h to limit vibrations.

Don't miss to visit my Youtube channel about Fuerteventura to watch my gopro videos taken from the car.

Click upon image to get a roadmap of Fuerteventura. (Wait! huge image : 10366 x 11017)



Taking a bus to make a round island trip is useless, as some people reported it.

But Lanzarote island, North from Fuerteventura, is a "must see".
Departure 6h30 a.m. from hotel to take a ferry in Corralejo. Back at 8h15 p.m.

The price (84€ euros / p) is worth having a go.
Only buses might tour in vulcano park. So if using a car, you could only go to visitor's center park, conditionally it isn't full up. Then you have to take a shuttle.
But get to it before 11 a.m. either you 'll be stuck at a filtering roadblock.

Don't miss to visit my Youtube channel about Lanzarote to watch my gopro videos.

Oasis park in La Lajita, a few miles North from Santa Calma on main road, is only available if you like MarineLand shows.
Expensive ticket : 33€ euros / p.


It has been said that each island is different. I fully agree because Fuerteventura is semi desert and Lanzarote has lunar landscapes.
So I have to visit the other islands of this beautiful archipelago, less touristic, as natives told me.

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