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Pontikonissi Island

8 days stay in September 2009


I found out that stay thanks to a mailing from Promovacances which proposed, within a 3 days slot, 8 days all inclusive in hotel Marbella 5* at a very fair price : €1026 for 2p
Flight tickets, included, concern Lyon-Corfu by Air Méditerranée but schedules were known only 2 days before departure.
This was my choice because I guessed it 'd be impossible to get a train ticket to go to Paris within 2 days !

The travel agency is Antipodes Découvertes. This was the first time I was travelling by a charter and I was a little bit nervous reading some chat room.

Landing Corfu on Sunday evening was pretty bizarre. Judge by yourself.
We were just coming to the baggage claim, a violent thunderstorm felt down. Just a couple of bags reached, then nothing else.
We had to stay 2 hours before the other bags came, but the plane was only about 100m from us. Most likely the employees didn't wish to get them wet !

Hotel Marbella

It stands in Agios Ioannis, 17km S-E from Corfu city. Different levels and many swimming-pools.
Strong points :
 • Excellent and various meals.
 • Very lovely place, especially gardens.
 • All inclusive formula was noticable. I spotted the barflys !
Weak points :
 • Wangle yourself seems to be the adage of reception desk : what a drag to find out our room !
 • My room 588 was about 10m from Loggia bar below, and every night loud music was broadcasting till 1h30 am ! No light sleeper !
 • Nonexistent decoration : feeling like in hospital.
 • Cleaning done getting round furnitures. Some customers complained about fleas in their beds !
 • When flushing tub, the foam flewed back into the room by a hole in the middle of the bathroom. The reception desk told me : flush very slowly because pipes are very narrow. I can't believe it !

Here are some pictures :
marbella corfou marbella corfou

marbella corfou marbella corfou

marbella corfou marbella corfou

marbella corfou marbella corfou

marbella corfou marbella corfou

marbella corfou marbella corfou

Island tour

We rented a Susuky jeep to drive along narrow and badly-kept roads.
I took my pocketpc with OziExplorer software, having scanned maps set up. Was very helpful !
I guess it 'd be very tough to drive with only a road map.
Here is a zip file (with tif images to calibrate) :
If you own an Androïd phone or tablet, you 'd use Sygic.

That's enough talk, here are some pictures.

Corfou city

forteresse corfou porte corfou

boutique corfou esplanade corfou

Paleokastritsa : Moni Theotokos

paleokastritsa corfou paleokastritsa corfou

Moni Theotokos corfou Moni Theotokos corfou

Moni Pantokrator

Moni Pantokrator corfou Moni Pantokrator corfou

Moni Pantokrator corfou Moni Pantokrator corfou

Moni Pantokrator corfou Moni Pantokrator corfou

Paxos, Antipaxos islands

Paxos Antipaxos Paxos Antipaxos

Paxos Antipaxos Paxos Antipaxos

Paxos Antipaxos Paxos Antipaxos

We visited a very peaceful monastery named Moni Pantokrator. Close to Agios Athanasios, in N-W. Not easy to find out. Thanks OzyExplorer ! Doors were closed, but right after ringing the bell, a nun opened. We were alone. We had a chat and they asked us how we got there. 25 nuns are living there from their growing. No meat.
We visit the church (taking pictures forbidden) and we saw beautiful fresco. We got cool drinks with handmade cakes. It was a great pleasure to give some present in the church poor box. Very peaceful place.
Moni Pantokrator

Another so-said monastery ( Moni Panagias ) is in the south headland of the island, down after Kavos : Cape Asprokavos. In fact it's only a ruin and you need a jeep or a quad to get there because it's offroad on a very narrow road full of potholes.
Moni Panagias

Another sightseeing is Pontikonissi Island and Moni Vlacherena. Must-see : very well-known.
To get there, it's better to park right after a restaurant on main road in Perama and walk along a sea wall.
It's very impressive to walk along because of planes which are landing on the runway very close from the sea wall.

Moni Vlacherena

digue Moni Vlacherena Pontikonissi

Moni Vlacherena Avion Corfou

Moni Vlacherena Moni Vlacherena


I'll say the island is very green mais it's not a greek style. Venitian and italian rather.
Very nice temperature in September : 32°C.
Moreover, how can it be possible that this island is so badly-kept ?
But we left Corfu with regret.

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