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3 weeks stay in September-October 2015

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One of the main advantages of Corsica Ferries is to allow a different return.
So I planned Toulon-Ile Rousse at first and Bastia-Nice when returning.
Paying for premium option, I was given top priority to land in Ile Rousse.
I did this because I had to drive to Bonifacio, at the end of South Corsica, 210km further.

You must know that in Corsica, distances don't matter, but time driving instead. I checked it

I took the ferry early in the morning.


Using Internet, I found out Homair to rent mobil-homes in campgrounds.
Week 1 : camping di Liccia 4km North from Bonifacio.
Week 2 : camping Marina d'Aleria Padulone beach in Aleria.
Week 3 : camping Kallisté in St Florent.


Pretty good except the day before returning, because camping Kallisté was flooded due to overflowing of the river very near : 70cm in 15 minutes.
Fortunately, I got back all my stuff because I own a 4x4 Toyota Landcruiser 80.
Water was just at bodywork. I had to go back and forth barefooted many times.
Watch out my Google+ photos album and pictures taken when the water level drops.

inondation Kalliste St Florent

inondation Kalliste St Florent

inondation Kalliste St Florent

I was said that Turism Office has told some people that campground was liable to flooding.
By the way, it's the same for camping Marina d'Aleria (because the sea is so close).
I read some instructions panels about flood emergency close to the laundry.


Corsica really deserves its nickname : "île de beauté".
It was very delightful to go through in September when no crowd.
But I only visited the East coast, center and Cap Corse during 3 weeks.

The whole island is gorgeous and amazing, but driving in center is tiring : narrow roads and many curves. The road network is pretty good.


- In Bonifacio, go on a day cruise to Lavezzi archipelago, named "L'autre croisière".
It's unforgettable and there's a great atmosphere.
Coordinates :
L'autre Croisière tel : 06 17 62 31 06 Only phone booking. Free parking.

- In Bonifacio, get lunch at Ciccio, 6 rue St Jean Baptiste, close to the same named church.
Delicious meals. There is an upper outside terrace as well.

- Driving from Bonifacio to Sartene, get lunch at ferme auberge d'Acciola. Typical corsican meals

- 4km North from Aleria, go to étang de Diane and enjoy mussels and oysters. Cheap and delicious.
You could buy fresh fishes at an affordable price.
The little road to get there is not so easy to find, so drive slowly.

In camping Marina d'Aleria, I was given for free a haunch boar from the barman.

I loved this campground : kind people, close to the sea, swimming pools and free WiFi everywhere.
(In other campgrounds, you have to pay a bad WiFi connection).

- In Centuri, very close to Cap Corse, get lunch at restaurant Le Langoustier at the end of the right bank.

Don't miss to see my photos album in Google+.

Here are 2 panoramas of Bonifacio I buit :

- Panorama 1.

- Panorama 2.

2 weeks stay in September 2016

You may watch my photo album on Google+.


This time, with Corsica Ferries, I planned a going Toulon-Ajaccio and a return Ajaccio-Nice.
I left Toulon in the evening and I landed at 7a.m. in Ajaccio, so I have visited downtown during the morning.
There is a free park lot just following the one with admission fee (which has a clearance limiter).
I returned to Nice early in the morning.


With Internet, I found out a lodging in residence Helios costing 500€ a week.
3 facilities. I was in the first one in ground floor, close to the pool.

You'll find a fully equipped kitchen (microwave, small oven, coffee-maker, toaster, ...), a living-room with 2 sofas, a bedroom, a bathroom.
Outside, you have got a small terrace with a wooden table, chairs, parasol and a clothes hanging out.
Every appartment onws its own barbecue on the grass.
Paradoxically, the TV stands in the bedroom, not very convenient.

David, Bénédicte and Corinne are very friendly welcoming.

Walking 10 minutes through the scrud 'll lead you to a beautiful little beach.

plage Cargese


Ajaccio and Sanguinaires islands from la Parata tower.

The road from Piana to Porto (Ota) is great but very busy.
You could be stuck with buses, lorries and some frightened drivers.

Piana, Porto and Ota worth a visit.

Calvi and its citadel, 105km from Cargese, worth a drive, but get it early to avoid traffic jam between Piana and Porto.

A must : with 55€, a 4h ride with U Filanciu on an inflatable dinghy.
From Cargese harbour, you'll see genoeses towers, Capu rossu, Piana rocky inlets.
After a 30 minutes stop in Girolata, you'll see Capu Sininu, Scandola reserve and caves.

port Cargese

Don't miss to watch my videos on my Youtube channel (playlist Corse).


I eat in various restaurants on the west coast.
I 'll only mention those I did appreciate because many are disappointing or tourist traps.
Coming from South, on the left side when arriving in Cargese, restaurant of hotel Bel Mare with a panoramic view and top-quality meals.
In Ajaccio, in pedestrian street Fesch, restaurant Aspuntinata, wooden terrace unmistakable : top-quality meals and friendly welcoming.

On West coast, the road network has a variable quality and is appalling when driving indide (for instance D84 through Ota).

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