Convert DVD into AVI


You 'd like to extract some footages from a dvd and convert them into avi files, here is the process.

  1. Download DVDdecrypter.
  2. Install, then run.


  3. Click Mode. Select IFO.


  4. Select source. ( usually a dvd player)
    You 'd see some informations in tab Input as seen in first picture.
  5. Select your destination directory.
  6. Select first VTS_01; in the example shown it's PGC 1.
    In case of many chapters, just select the first one.
  7. Click the green arrow on bottom left. The process begins.
    You 'll get 3 files VTS_01 :
    Stream Information.txt , VTS_01_0.IFO , VTS_01_1.VOB
  8. Copy VTS_01_1.VOB into movie1.avi
  9. Proceed for the other chapters, otherwise proceed PGC 2 then chapter after chapter.
    DVDdecrypter 'll crush the 3 previous files, so don't forget to copy VOB into AVI each time.

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