August 2014

W. Poutine is not particular about details. Annexation od Crimea, sending off non official troops in East Ukraine. Russian are well-known chess players....
It's perfectly clear that russian president counted on the fact that Western is divided and won't dare starting a war forUkraine, inasmuch as the country has not been invaded. Wonderful strategy.

February 2008

The (so-called) mini european treaty has been passed by French parliaments; the government no longer wanting to take the referendum risk.
Nice democratical trick. Obviously, it 'll be impossible to back off.
Anyway, in our political system where congressmen are elected on a majority basis, it's paradoxical that a project can be adopted even though the French people are opposed to.
De Gaulle said that, for fundamental projects, people opinion 'd be canvassed in a referendum.

June 2005

France and Holland have rejected the project of European Constitution by means of a referendum.
It's not pretty sure countries which carried through parliamentary channel did not reject it if people had had to vote.
What could we deduce from that : for fair of letting people to express his opinion? What a lack of confidence in democracy!

Well, we can notice the gap between the political world and the Real world. Politicians have lost contact with people.
But they have not still understood the message sent off, particularly in France. Need a revolution?

February 2005

Referendum : 42,4% participation ( => 57,6% abstention )
The Chart has been validated by 77% voting people, but to tell the truth, 32,65% of registered.
Some medias said , large majority. Not to say that ! Morality : Vote Yes, vote No, but vote.

September 2004

What became Robert Schuman 's genuine idea, achieved by Conrad Adenauer and Charles de Gaulle ? There is so much difference between social ladders that we can seriously wonder which damages will generate ultra liberalism which seems to be the rule of the what-d'ye-call-it from Brussels.

Besides, we can wonder about the behaviour of Poland which takes part of ECC, and hurry to buy american jetfighters. With our allowances ? Is England right to have just one foot in the door ? I'm very cautious.

Is the European Committee under the heel of Usa ? JPM is an ardent support of Mr Goto War Bush.

How to have a personal project financed with European funds ? It's quite simple : you just have to set it in a more general project which could entered in an european framework.

How do you call these French European deputies who don't even go to the parliament sessions and receive some more than substantial wages? It's quite intolerable. They are well known as being the less assiduous of all.

I say plainly : deeply pro-European, 20 years ago, I 'll change my mind to-day. Well done for the one-way democracy ! You 'll notice a country 'll get a referendum as long as the majority says No. But is there any possibility to revert the process ? We have a good chance of laughing for the vote of the European Constitution.
We could learn so much from Swiss democracy, whatever ....

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