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How to use PDA GPS to navigate Netbook

The purpose is to show how to use OziExplorer on a netbook Archos 9 (with Windows 7 integral) using embedded GPS of a pocketpc Mio A201 (= PDA).
(You could adapt to another software and another tablet as well)

First, dowload and install on PDA a free software : GPS2BLUE.
This software allows using external GPS either with Bluetooth or TCP/IP via usb port.
It works with WM5 et WM6 pro.
Very likely, you should install .Net Compact Framework 2
The netbook Archos9 has a USB2 port, BlueTooth, WiFi.

Using BlueTooth

For example, on Mio A201, you'll see :

gps2blue sur Mio A201

In parameters settings of the Mio A201 the hardware port of the gps is COM2, the logical port is COM4.
Toggle BT. Port COM2 is redirected to port COM7 BlueTooth.
Click On. Some messages 'll display. The last one is Bluetooth port not connected. Waiting.
You only have 30s to synchronize PDA with netbook and all of the 2 have a virtual keyboard , so it"s not so easy to proceed. Then, on PDA, click the little blue icon BlueTooth on bottom-right screen, then BlueTooth manager.
Click Tools, then BlueTooth settings.
In tab Free hands, toggle Fix master, enter a key (same as in netbook)
You could notice tab Appaired devices. Netbook should appear when the 2 devices saw each other.
Check out, in tab Serial port that service is on and port COM7 on.
Untoggle Authentication required if needed (safety?)

Start netbook. PDA should be detected and you 'll have to enter the key code.
On each device, you 'd see the name of the other device.
On netbook, right-click icon BlueTooth, then Open settings.
In tab Ports Com, check out that COM4 is outgoing port of the netbook and COM6 ingoing port with PDA name.

Start OziExplorer.
In Menu Settings, tag COM, select Serial Port 2.
NMEA must be 4800 bauds. On tab GPS, select NMEA alone in Device. Save.

In menu Dynamic map, click Start GPS communication. (CTRL S not easy to hit)
In same menu, click Informations GPS you 'd see NMEA sentences.
In Gps2Blue on PDA, you 'd read GPS Port opened. Processind Data

Et voilà, you are ready to go. And, if you did not succeed you have to buy a wire GPS filaire like
GlobalSat BU-353 WaterProof USB GPS Receiver (SiRF Star III)

Using TCP/IP with USB

Because the Mio A201 PDA ain't no wifi, we 'll connect USB netbook to miniUSB of PDA.
You have to create a virtual port on netbook. To do so, download HW VSP
This free software creates a serial port which redirects data to a predefined TCP/IP address.
Right after install, set up :
     • Default port: 31873.
     • IP address : given on PDA using Gps2Blue in File, then what's my IP.
If you did not get the IP, run cmd) then ipconfig /all
Search for Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter'.
     • Toggle HW VSP works as the TCP server only.
     • Choose a number not used.
     • Click Create Port.

In OziExplorer, use same port number in Settings.

In Network and Sharing, right-click BlueTooth Connection, tab Properties.
Check out if Internet IPv6 protocol is untoggled.
Toggle TCP/IP in Gps2Blue instead of BT.

Meta codes for TomTom maps

Download metas.


Compatibility TomTom maps
cartes 815

cartes 815

cartes 830

cartes 830

cartes 840

cartes 840

cartes 845

cartes 845


compatibilité tomtom cartes 845

OziExplorer maps

I found out these links :
      • North Africa
      • USA
      • France
      • Some countries in Europe ( password : *OziMaps* )
      • Another countries in Europe
      • ... and more.

Watch this FORUM to get more informations.

To convert ozfx3 images to png ? Use demapper de TerraPerfecta.
For big files ozfx3, use this command line ozf2img.
Syntax : ozf2img [-h] <-iFILE> with
           -h : Adaptive ozfx3 decryption.
           -i : Process FILE (Ozi Explorer .map).
                 FILE could be a directory as well.

iGo8 on netbook

      • Si vous possédz iGo8 pour PC (pas celui qui fonctionne sur pda), vous avez sans doute constaté que ce logiciel n'occupe pas la totalité de l'écran.
Quelqu'un a conçu un exécutable qui permet de le faire.
Allez ICI. Sinon, téléchargez la version beta1.

Je vous conseille de créer un fichier avec extension bat dans lequel vous placerez :
iGO-MySize.exe -width=1024 -height=768 si votre affichage est 1024 x 768

Il y a aussi iGOZoomer 109 beta qui semble moins gourmand en CPU.

      • Pour mettre à jour les radars, il faut récupérer un fichier speedcam.txt ou une version spud. et le mettre dans /content/speedcam en ayant pris soin d'effacer les fichiers qu'il contient.

      • Pour des trucs et astuces concernant iGo8, voir ICI

Android platform

I made a great mistake buying the World version (special offer)
Maps are freely updated for life. But what a drag to using it ! What a crap !
Design is pleasant, but nav menus are not intuitive.
Routes are often pure fantasy, if only the map was up to date (tested in my area).
When I get abroad, I don't trust this software because of its lack of precision.
It's incoherent. Consider the following.
If you wish to add a point in the proposed route using an option in the upper right menu, you have to give a name in the Search field.
To add a waypoint on a route straight on the map, display the itinerary, then zoom and maintain 1s your finger on the waypoint over the map.
An index should appear and the new itinerary 'd be drawn. Save it as favourite, and as a widget from the menu Settings.

Another example : In Corsica, Sygic, using a Samsung Galaxy S4 vertically put on a dashboard, finds signal after 9 minutes whereas Android app GPS Status finds it between 3s and 32s.
And most of the time, Sygic lost signal and found it again after 9 minutes.
Driving N198, east coast between Aleria and Bastia, willing going to St Florent (NW coast), I was very surprised when Sygic asked me to turn left at a roundabout, then 2 times right to get back to .... N198.

Usually, it has been said It's better to set up an itinerary in Faster road Mode instead of Shorter road mode.
Landing in Nice, willing to get back to Grenoble crossing Digne (320km), I was trying to find an itinerary to drive out Nice.
I had to get by (Promenade des Anglais closed due to triathlon) and Sygic didn't find any signal, and when it got it, this was Nice → Marseille → Valence → Grenoble (468km) !!!!
Mappy as well. Of course, driving on a motorway is faster, but that's a bit steep!. The shortest itinerary was the obvious solution.

Since a new release, you just need to enter the address .... provided that Sygic knows it !!!
And for now, there is a new bug. Importing "hazardous zones" (= radars) works and icons are displayed when launching Sygic. But closing the app, then re-launching it : no more icons displayed and sounds as well.
Searching why, I read the radars zones are deactivated by Sygic in France. Stupid! Why changing names (radars are not allowed) if you don't display the hazardous zones icons.
Then, I used CamSam Plus, which works perfectly in Bluetooth mode with car loud speakers.

If you point out a strange behaviour of Sygic, start up again your mobile phone and may be the odds are with you.

I recommend to not buying this software ! You'll be very disappointed or get it in another way for free.


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