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Mauritius is commonly known as a paradise.
Turquoise sea and luxurious hotels are largely responsible.

The living standards are very different from Europe and poverty is common.
If you want to get some vacation out there and coming out your 5* hotel, be exceedingly careful.
Newspapers are filled out with attacks, robbery with violence, murders, rapes.
And to cap it all, on January 2011, an irish woman was murdered in her hotel room.

Watch this Facebook page : Ile Maurice agression, and seek using Google for instance.

Look at an hilarious slice of life.

ogg video by v2.8

There is a project to hand over "l'ile aux bénitiers" to tourism complex ! Sign up a petition.

Practical informations



Duty free

Duty free at the airport : it's worth it.
Be aware that customs ain't lenient. Only one alcohol bottle pro person is allowed.
Some crafty ones hid bottles in their luggages but were taken and got a heavy fee.
Prices more interesting than in airport : first floor of a building in Caudan at Port-Louis.

duty free Caudan Maurice


Where to change ? At airport, it's the safest place. See exchange rates HERE or by MCB.
Avoid using a VISA bankcard. Expensive fees.
In Port Louis, Bourbon street, about 150 yards, right side coming from Central Market, you 'll find out a Change Office. Go upstairs.

Real Estate

Some common data :
      1 m² = 10,7641 square feet
      1 perche = 42,21 m²
      1 toise = 3,80 m²
      1 arpent = 100 perches
       Thus 1000m² = 23,69 perches; 1500m² = 35,53 perches.


July-August 2006

I got the tremendous honour to lodge 45 days in Mauritian families. No doubt : welcome is great. Better than in Reunion. Alcohol has devastating effects as well.
Sceneries are fair but the most impressive is a tour during 1 hour using helicopter. Unforgettable. Allow 150 euros pro person ( with 4 persons ) from Plaisance airport.
There is a huge contrast between tourist brochures, great hotels and cities where poverty stands. It's clear tourism is not profitable to population.
In Port Louis, many people try out to survive as hookers.
Ask a Mauritian what he thinks of a brochure claiming Mauritius is the last paradise on earth.

Christmas 2006

Port Louis, on December 31th , at midnight : very impressive to see all these firecrackers!
Watch out this tree with red flowers during Southern Summer. flamboyant en décembre ile maurice

I was guested to a Creole wedding. I enjoyed it very much. Dancing sega. Cool!
mariage créole ile maurice mariage créole ile maurice

April 2007

If you understand French, read the story of a family 's misadventure during vacation. :
>>> Click here <<<

July 2007

What a drag at Roissy airport end of june : stuck 3h on tarmac because of an unattended luggage which causes a bomb scare. Outcome : some passengers could not get on board.
Besides, coming from Lyon, it took 1h between landing and arriving in boarding terminal to Mauritius because of bus shuttles. I spoke with an US citizen : worst airport in the world, ever!

I rented a small car to freely drive in Mauritius.
I found out exoduscarhire at an affordable price : 26 000 rupees a month ( about 640 euros ).
Nevertheless, the checklist is very particular. I rented cars in USA and in Tunisia : easier.
Right steering wheel and left drive + mauritius way of driving : The first 2 days were hot !
Go to the west south and east : wild landscape and scenic roads. Avoid West North too much touristy.

sud ouest sud ouest sud ouest sud ouest

Rodrigues Island

For those who love genuine way of life and wild landscape : the true heaven.
It's really the opposite of Mauritius main island : highly overrated.

Watch my photo album on google+.

For lodging, prefer a self-catering cottage whose website I found : Auberge de la Montagne.
Welcome and meals fabulous !

Don't miss to visit Cocos Island : it's a must! Right now , let's dream with pictures !

New at Rodrigues island : December 2008 Opening « La Belle Rodriguaise.
beach garden lodge & Spa , « 12 rooms, seasighting »
A big house with a varangue, restaurant and shop store selling local products.
Services : Spa, WIFI, disabled people access.

La Belle Rodriguaise

Tel/Fax : 0230 875 0556 / 0230875 0591 Email :

belle rodriguaise belle rodriguaise belle rodriguaise

June 2008

You can get trouble even in 5* hotels !

April-May 2009

Direct flight from Lyon by CorsairFly. Almost 11 h. We always feel a bit cramped in Boeing 747 !

It's hot ! 22°C more than in France all at once : not easy! The whole month was warm and rains even didn't cool the atmosphere.

People are always friendly ( I don't live in a hotel ).

It looks like the government has taken into account the security problem for tourists. CCTV have been setting up in Flic en Flac.

Some observations

Go to Rodrigues Island while it's still worthy because they plan to build hotels. (read in newspaper)

Cost of living has considerably increased, especially vegetables. Monday market in Mahebourg doesn't worth a penny anymore; many stalls bring you chinese products.
The gas price is almost as expensive as in France and for mauritian people it's worse.

I found out an address for a lodging rental in Mahebourg close to supermarket. location Mahebourg

You'd like to find out genuine linen at an affordable price ?
A good address : Suprafil, Corderie street, in Port Louis. On left in Leoville L'Homme street.
Then, you need to go to a taylor. ( 200 Rp to sew trousers )

Back to Lyon. The curse seems to continue : a missing luggage and it was our main one ! We got it 3 days after complaining.
This padlocked luggage was forced and a Versace fragrance had been stolen (costs 5000rp in Mauritius !)

September 2009

The Mauritian government has got any thought to recover French Tromelin Island and British Chagos Island. Looks like it wishes to distract people attention from real problems in Mauritius.

December 2009 - January 2010

Flying by Condor from Lyon via Frankfurt is not quite easy because of a lack of information in that airport. Fortunately, an Air France employee was helping me very friendly.

Ok , let me say it frankly : Mauritius is not getting any better. Murders, various mugging, drug are filling newspapers many weeks. Read this report for instance.

I read a journalist 's opinion in a newspaper, who considers that the island was going to change dramatically in a state controled by drug networks. The same compared with Jamaica, where tourists stay closed in their hotels.

On the other hand, I noticed in Mahebourg many foreign residents, especially in Salut Les Copains restaurant. How could they support this very humid climate during summer ? I don't !.

At this time, I found the worst and the best.

The worst

- driving in Mauritius :
Some idiots think they can do whatever they like as forcing one's way through. You need to be very watchful and slam on the brakes even when you are overtaken to prevent crash.
Bus drivers are potential criminals.
I rented a compact Honda with automatic gear box and it was very useful because of frequent stops due to cars parked anyway and anywhere.

- I got a very good idea this time of mauritian attitude. Far be it from me to generalize but I'll say about some people I met : dirty liars, swindlers, profiteers, thieves, 2 faces bastard and bitch, ...

The best

As a consequence of that I just have written, I have just spent a 5min call to rent a bungalow, 50m from lagoon although this wasn't so obvious at this time.
It's in Blue Bay, close to Plaisance airport. Opened all the year except sometimes during July and August. What a pity , I love mauritian winter time ! Rates are affordable considering the very got surprise we took into face!

Chez Pat

email :
Tel : 00 230 6314151     Mobile : 00 230 7288866

Chez Pat Mauritius

Patrick Laure gives you an outstanding welcome and he bends over backwards to be helpful.

Maids and a gardener take care of servicing. We tasted the so delighting stag carri and octopus vindaye.
We lived in «Frangipanes » and «Bougainvilliers ». The last one includes a small pool.

2 slight disadvantages : you need to rent a car or to take a taxi and because the airport is so close. Unless you wish to stay all the day there, it's minor.

I left this place with regret. I'll come back 'Chez Pat'.

December 2012 - January 2013

Except you have gotten a direct flight, don't buy duty-free alcohol bottles ! I saw people at London Gatwick getting their buyings seized by British customs at connecting control.

For lodging I went to villa Joliane (see coordinates above), Pat's lodging was full up (or I ought to change 3 times).
I lived in the 2 same flats.
Plus :
        Liliane and Jocelyn friendly welcome.
        nice pool.
        nice garden
        50m far from London Way supermarket and 5min driving to King Savers supermarket in Beauvallon.
        free transfert from and to airport.
Minus :
    no air conditioning, only 2 noisy fans.
    dogs from outside barking the whole nights.

Liliane gave me a good address to rent a car

JPcarmaxLTD 20, Avenue Mallefille Belle Rose

E-mail:   Tel: +230 251 65 77   Mob: +230 258 65 77   Fax: +230 467 65 77

I got a Nissan March automatique (800 Rp a day), so I paid 30 000 Rp for my whole stay.
Unless you read japanese, don't even think to use the lcd gps on dashboard. Bring your own gps instead.

Be careful, driving is always dangerous in Mauritius.
Warning ! Because of lack of sidewalks, it's risky to walk along streets. A female tourist has been killed by a car when getting out of her bungalow in Blue Bay, 2 days after she arrived.

If you wish to driving to Port-Louis, get to Caudan big parking in a building. Spiral access. 50 Rp for 4h stay. You get to Caudan waterfront (1st floor) using an elevator. An undergroung passage 'll lead you easily to downtown.

Some tips
  • Changing when banks are closed :
    tabagie Corner Street Blue bay road in Mahebourg.
    Interesting rate. You could get a better rate as the amount grows (as in airport)
  • To get made-to-measure trousers :
    Bimray fashion Beauvallon Tel: 631 8296 Mob: 795 3223
    200m on left side after roundabout King Savers in Beauvallon going to Mahebourg. Affordable price : 600 Rs with material or 350 Rs if you bring your material
  • Hairdresser (Men and Women)
    AS hairway , Idriss Mohamedally Empire, rue La Chaux, Mahébourg (close to Central market). 75 Rp for a man : quick and well-done. Closed on Thursday.
  • Eating at low price :
    Coin Casse-croûte, rue de la Passe close to Central Market in Mahebourg.
    Better and cheaper as in restaurant Salut les Copains filled with European people.
    But it's crowdy on Monday 'cause of the weekly fair.
    And if you don't like moisty heat , get to KFC in Mahebourg close to the Central Market.
My stay

All was right if you don't take into account moisty heat and 3 days of tropical storm.
I was asked to 3 weddings. Was amazing to see women dresses and sega dancing of course !

I took advantage of visting places I had never been before :

February - March 2013

Torrential rains in Port Louis on February,13th : close to Caudan.

Port Louis ile maurice Port Louis ile maurice

Disastrous rains March : close to Caudan. See this Facebook link.

December 2014

Excerpt from forum « guide du Routard »:

agression ile Maurice decembre 2014

January-February 2015
I took Lufthansa from Lyon to Frankfurt, then Condor to Plaisance.
After landing, members of airport crew, owning tablets, were very helpful to show the way to the next gate.
But it's not a piece of cake to move through concourses.
When back, it was very hard because of a reinforced security control : unpleasant crew, detailed body search.
Avoid this airport, as Roissy besides.

My stay
I stayed 5 weeks "chez Pat" in Blue Bay in flat Hibiscus, a floor upstairs. As usual, a warmful welcome and very good services.
All you could dream of (washing machine, iron, board, ...)
The only drawback is the WiFi speed : Orange adsl_2plus network which 'd give 1200/17180kps (up/down) but really gave 124/511kps (up/down).
Moreover, Pat rents cars, thus I got a Proton Elite Viva (automatic + air conditioning) at an affordable price.



Torrential rains the first 4 days. A cyclone was passing through a couple of miles East.

In market place, vegetables and fruits are very expensive. For instance, small tomatoes (pommes d'amour) cost 120/140 rupees a pound !
And 1€ was 36,5 - 37,5 rupees. How do maurician people do ?

Roads maintenance is bad. East coast road is full of ruts, some are quite deep.

Since middle of december, Prime minister has changed and people are waiting for a better life. Really ?

In Mahebourg, you 'd find some supermarkets. I went to : London, King Savers, Kong and Loyeung. I prefer the last one for its quality price ratio.

Owning a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, I was using Sygic software to navigate.
The worst software ever ! (I used OzyExplorer, CartoExplorer, Quo Vadis, TomTom without trouble over the world).
Not intuitive at all. I wasn't able to find again where the option Delete Itinerary was !
And to cap it all, I have found Ganga Talao monument on Sygic map, and when I planned an itinerary from Blue Bay to this waypoint, I got an error message saying that this WP was outside the map !
Besides, map isn't up to date, because when I drove from father Laval 's grave to Blue Bay, Sygic asked me to take forbidden directions in Port Louis.
Fortunately, I knew Port Louis downtown, so I helped myself to get the right way.

Some tips

A nice restaurant, with good prices, in Blue Bay, typically mauritian : Chez Maryse (close to Police station).
In Mahebourg, a chinese restaurant (excellent quality price ratio) : Saveurs de Shin Suffren street.


Tuesday, Feb 3 : tamil Thaipoosam cavedee. Impressive.
See my Google+ album and my YouTube movies.

Tuesday, Feb 17 : Maha Shivaratree. Pilgrimage to Ganga Talao celebrating Shiva.
Pilgrims are walking from all parts of Mauritius pulling wagons covered with flowers.

January-February 2016

This year I took Emirates company given its supposed good reputation.
Flight Lyon - DubaÏ with Boeing 777-300 then after waiting 4h, flight Dubaï - Maurice with A380-800.
Service on board fairly correct but, on first flight, a stewart seemed to ignore us and we had to insist to be served.
Backing home, 9h waiting in DubaÏ : very tiring, because of a very short sleep because of taking off at midnight from mauritius and landing in Dubaï at 5h40 !
Emirates terminal is a huge supermarket. For shopping addicts only.


One more time lodging "chez Pat" during 5 week in Hibiscus flat.
Stay : 63 000RM 2p.     Car : 28 000RM.
It's oppressively hot during the afternoon in this terrace flat
Wifi (Orange) was worst than in 2015. So I bought an Emtel Internet 2GB data but it was disastrous as well.
Here are flows given by Speedtest using a Samsung Galaxy S4.

wifi chez Pat
Test 1 wifi Orange
wifi chez Pat
Test 2 wifi Orange
Emtel internet
Test Emtel

In Plaisance airport, free wifi gratuite was good.

This year I got some issues :
- tv (out of fashion) wasn't properly working.

tv chez Pat
TV satellite

- big noise (clong-clong) in front of car when driving, audible between 40 et 60 km/h : never fixed up (wheel bearings?).
I was haunted by a fear of breaking so I avoided exceeding 80 km/h.
- battery failure (luckily, it was at the stay).

Northern islands

Wishing to visit Gabriel island with catamaran, I stayed 3 days in a charming modern hotel in Pereybere.
Very warmful welcome and very good quality / price ratio : 50€€ a night (1000€ a month)
There is a restaurant with very good meals.
Drop by the website : Dodo La Lodge.

Entree dodo la lodge      Chambre dodo la lodge

salle de bains dodo la lodge      Douche dodo la lodge

Through Marie and Kim, the charming landladies, I got tickets for catamaran starting from Grand Baie.
Website Passion Oceane.
Allow 1200 RM a person for the whole day (all inclusive).

Lighthouse island

Between Mahebourg and Blue Bay, at Jérôme tip, start catamarans and speedboats to get to the lighthouse island.
See the panorama I made.

Don't miss to visit my Youtube channel.


Don't miss to visit Vanilla park, close to St Aubin in the South.
Many turtles, crocodiles and plants. Affordable entrance price.

Driving in Mauritius when strong raining is impressive : flooded roads, lack of visibility.
Badly-maintained roads. Big ruts on M1 motorway and elsewhere.

A lot of stray dogs crossing roads and streets.

High prices of vegetables and fruits : how do mauritian people live ?

And the legendary kindness of people ever.

News in brief

I gathered some news from newspaper, some converted to pdf.

April 2010

April, Friday, 23rd , french tv FR3 made a movie about Mascareignes archipelago
(Watch movie in French)

Octobre 2013

Here is a tv report from french tv France O.


  1. Tuesday February 02nd, 2010 11:38
    Pat wrote :


    ...Le temps change toujours pluie soleil mais seule chose qui ne change pas c`est la mentalite des gens ils continuent à jeter les ordures par terre. Vendredi j`ai rendez vous avec le ministere de l`environnement pour trouver des solutions mettre un peu plus de poubelles ça va être difficille. Les gens sont contents de voir que tu fais tout mais jamais un coup de main. Je ne sais comment te remercier de ce que tu as écris sur ton blog c`est vraiment gentil de ta part et je suis content aussi de ta remarque sur Maurice je vais en parler aux ministeres de l`environnement et du tourisme.

  2. Saturday August 30th, 2008 15:05
    Baie du Tombeau wrote :


    a la baie du tombeau le redressement aussi on a besoin des sponsors, des dons pour accomplir benevolement la grande operation de nettoyage de chaque pouce de terrain, chasser les criminels, les mettre hors d'etat de nuire. ecrire a :

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