Processing of intestinal mycosis


Very often, liver and intestinal disorders are caused by a previous absorption of antibiotics
And doctors treat you without thinking at first of fungal infection that infected stomach, liver, peritoneum, intestines.
Read this article. (in French)

One solution is to take antifungal : mycostatine (cheap).

A second option, if infection has spread, is to perform an homeopathic treatment
(although quite expensive) :
           • Gonotoxinum 9CH : 3 granules 2 times a day during 40 days.
           • Enterrococcinum 7CH + Monilla albican 7CH : 5 granules 2 times a day during one month.
           • Sélénium (Lehning) : 3 tablets morning and noon during 40 days.
           • Cornus sanguinea 4CH : 1 teaspoon morning and evening in a glass of water.

A third solution is to using essential oils during 10 days :
           • Origan : 3 - 5 drops in honey, 2 to 4 times a day.
           • Marjolaine : 3 - 4 drops in honey, 2 to 3 imes a day.
           • Thym : 3 - 5 drops in honey, 3 imes a day.

But also grapefruit seed extract, undecylenic acid (in castor oil), lactoferrin, ...

And most importantly drink plenty of water.

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