Some definitions :
Agnosticism : Any doctrine which declares the absolute inaccessible to the human mind.
Atheism : doctrine that denies the existence of any deity.
I became agnostic for ages.

February 2006

What's bitten some Parisian newspapers publishing cartoons of Muhammad given the controversy (weak word used) induced in Denmark?
While it is perfectly legitimate to defend the press freedom, it was useless to add and pour oil on fire. Given intolerance and obscurantism proved (confirmed again) this behavior is irresponsible.
The fundamentalists have just waited for this opportunity to once again pour their hatred of Western civilization.
When the blood of a European 'll be shed, it will be too late to say we regret.

To recall :
Description comedy or satire by taking the emphasis of certain traits (ridiculous, unpleasant)
Art to mock an individual, exaggerating its faults.
The word can also refer to a satirical drawing done in particular through distortion, exaggeration of certain significant aspects.
In the representation of individuals, it can appeal to the stereotype.
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December 2004

Where was God on December 26, 9h26 am Colombo time ???

A book to read :
Les Matérialismes (et leurs détracteurs) J Dubessy, G Lecointre, M Silberstein
Collection 'Matériologiques'

September 2004

The very existence of religions shows the limits of human intelligence.
Amazing to see that we can do wars "in the name of God".
And the "Got mit uns", "God on our side," make me laugh ... yellow.
What can we see? Intolerance towards the other, retrograde thoughts when it is not just barbarism or obscurantism.

It is clear that for many people religion is a moral comfort but to impose on others its own religious precepts is tyrannical.
For my part, religion avoids arising question because one gives the answer : God.

Any state should be secular. A state religion should not even exist. Moreover, every human being should be free to choose his belief.

What I find most unbearable is the fact that parents impose a religion from birth to their children. Where is the choice?

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