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2 weeks stay in June 2019


With my car, I took Corsica ferries at 9p.m. from Toulon to Porto Torres (NW Sardinia), arriving at 8a.m.
When back, departure at 9p.m. arriving in Toulon at 5a.m., but leaving the ferry at 6h30a.m.


I found out by Booking website, in Putzu Idu, an hotel in the middle of West coast, that sounds like a good place to set off for visiting.
Albergo Residenziale Menhirs is located in the middle of nature (between the salt marshes and the sea), in a protected place. There is a little pool for children. A breakfast buffet is included every morning. Very good but always the same stuff.
You get there by a track full of potholes over 1 km.
In the accommodation, you find a little kitchen with a fridge and a cooking plate. No microwaves oven. A little flat lcd tv set up at 2m high. Useless because you can't see anything.
The shower is tiny, even for a slim person. Warm water is solar, and you have to wait 15min to get it.
Free wifi is fine when Internet is ok (some issues coming from outside).
Very good welcoming and the setting is magnificent.
To mention the restaurant (opened during evening), poor quality price ratio. For example, a spaghettis shellfishes plate included many empty shells.

The nearest minimarket stands at 15km in Riola Sardo.
A nice restaurant close to Putzu Idu beach : Bar Trattoria Maestrale.

Road network

I found out secondary road network with many deep potholes. The right front tyre has been damaged, but the rim was safe.
I feel that sport cars don't like these roads.

hernie pneu

As a result, I had to replace the 2 front tyres when back to home.

And motorways are bumpy with some bad covering sometimes.


Some villages and cities are interesting : Oristano, Bosa, Alghero, Cagliari, ....
I drove along the West coast from Porto Torres to Cagliari and I found that banal.
Even getting to the east coast through Nuoro.
I was worrying about the state of the road rather than watching the banal landscape.
Moreover, it was fairly tough to find out a good restaurant. Most of them are fast-foods.


Even though inhabitants are warm, I didn't appreciate my stay that much. Saying it's impossible to discover the whole island in 2 weeks.
I didn't get to the tiny islands around, neither the N-E coast where the jetset stands.
In some touristical cities, it was quite difficult to park the car, even impossible sometimes. See some of my Youtube videos.
If you like beaches, this island is for you.

I definitely prefer Corsica for its beautiful and various landscapes.

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