The most fabulous country I have ever visited .... concerning landscapes which are gorgeous.
The national parks contributed to protect wildlife and flora.
I don't like big cities that much, except San Francisco, a charming city.

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September 2005

GWB 's administration showed us its incompetence when faced with such a humanitarian disaster. For who knows New Orleans and its gorgeous old fashioned style houses, it's a desolation. But who gonna help all these unfortunated people? When tsunami happened, there was a world relief and right now apart from US red cross nothing arises.
Why? Because USA is the most poweful country in the world ?

November 2004

4 more years with DoubleU ! We 'll can laugh 4 more years watching “Les guignols de l'info” on french TV “Canal+” but less in the real world.
President Jacques Chirac 'ld be glad : he 'll continue to be a cons-US star in the Arabean world, at least a few years more.

September 2004

Gorgeous country when we conjure up National Parks, but you 'll find out all and its opposite :
- Poverty keeps close to huge wealth.
- Strict enforcing Environment in NP, plenty of panels “ Do not litter ” but this country has got leadership polluting the planet and doesn't sign on the Kyoto Protocol.
- Great feeling of freedom but maximum “copping”.

There is no half measure, it's like pendulum effect : look what happened to tobacco smokers.

Having travelling through all West and South-East during many years with a rented motorhome, I always have gotten warm welcome and smile even when relationships with France stood in a very low level and even if in the next minute you are forgotten. It changes from frowning faces you could see when back to Roissy airport.

How cool is it to drive through Usa rather than in Europe.

A funny thing : crossroads with 4 Stop panels. No problems with courteous people. Try to import this in France and you will laugh. Still funnier in Italy.
I also have noticed fines are doubled when speed limits are overrun when works in process.

As for US government politic, I don't give a damned word because it's so dismaying. I just could point out that all people I was talking with, while drinking a glass of beer, got the same concerns as for me and they didn't give a damn with wars which 'd give more profits to the Majors.

Even though France has greatly contributed to the birth of USA while sending some troops, we must be forever grateful to those who gave their lifes to freeing our country.

US movie picture
It sounds like US producers don't like other countries doing better movies. In fact, some european movies are remaked with US sauce. Infringement of their superiority complex ?
Otherwise it's quite interesting to point out that french tv producers import the worst of US tv shows (real tv for instance).

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