Extracting footage from DVD


Here is an easy way to get a footage from a DVD. At first, download VLC. A very good reader

After install achieved, click menu View then toggle Advanced Controls.
You should see a 4 buttons block above the Start button. (bottom left)

First button is to start a record. But if you have to click a selection just before, you 'll loose some images between selecting and recording.
The workaround is to use hotkeys. Get to Tools, then Preferences or CTRL P.

Click Hotkeys at bottom left.
Suppose you want to assign letter r for recording.
This letter has been assigned to random. Let's delete it.
Click random. You should see letter r in edit field underneath.
Click button Clear. Click Apply. You should see Unset.

Click Record. You should see Shift r. Click button Clear. Click edit field, then hit r.
Click Apply. Click Save.

Suppose you have gotten a DVD with music and you needed a footage from it.
Get to Media, then Open Disc or CTRL D.
A dialogbox opens. Your DVD player is shown. Click Play.

When DVD menu is displayed, select a music title with the mouse but be ready to hit r to start recording. When recording has finished, hit r to stop.

File 'd be saved in directory Videos in directory Users . Usually c:\Users\your_name\Videos

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